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What are Penalties When Contributing to or Withdrawing From Retirement Accounts?

Building and living off a nest egg is tough. However, you can make the situation even more difficult if you run afoul of some key laws governing retirement accounts.
03/29/22 • by: Grogan Law, PLLC
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How Can I Obtain a Power of Attorney for My Dad?

For those of us involved as care providers for someone having difficulty handling his/her own affairs, whether it’s a family member or not, requires that we have the legal authority to do what’s in that person’s best interest.
03/28/22 • by: Grogan Law, PLLC
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Estate Planning Tools and the Ones You Must Have

Like DMX and Prince, many Black Americans have failed to participate in the estate planning process.
03/25/22 • by: Grogan Law, PLLC
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What Is a Trust and How Does It Work?

Trusts are often associated with the rich. However, the uber-wealthy are not the only people who can benefit from using trusts. There is no minimum asset level or net worth required to set up a trust, and you can put any amount of money into a trust.
03/24/22 • by: Grogan Law, PLLC
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Can I Split My Inheritance with My Sibling?

In order to give your brother half of the assets in the IRA, you will have to liquidate a portion of the account and pay the taxes on the liquidated amount if it’s a traditional IRA.
03/23/22 • by: Grogan Law, PLLC
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Do You Need a Revocable or an Irrevocable Trust?

There are two main kinds of trusts: revocable and irrevocable.
03/22/22 • by: Grogan Law, PLLC
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Is Advance Care Planning a Benefit to Seniors?

New research, published in JAMA Network Open shows that using a comprehensive approach to engage patients in Advance Care Planning (ACP) during the COVID-19 pandemic effectively improves the opportunity for ACP discussions and documentation as well as equitable healthcare delivery.
03/21/22 • by: Grogan Law, PLLC
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When Can Estate Assets Be Distributed?

Many estate executors focus on estate taxes and forget about income taxes. That can be an expensive mistake.
03/18/22 • by: Grogan Law, PLLC
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Is a Bypass Trust Necessary?

The rise in the stock market over the past several years, teamed with the passage of the SECURE Act two years ago—as well as the scheduled 50% reduction in the size of the federal estate tax exemption four years from now—has resulted in a renewed interest in estate planning for IRA and 401(k) accounts owned by married couples.
03/17/22 • by: Grogan Law, PLLC
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Can Estate Planning Reduce Taxes?

Once more hesitant to plan ahead, clients in today’s environment are much more proactive and willing to take action in the near term, rather than waiting and risking having to pay higher taxes down the line.
03/16/22 • by: Grogan Law, PLLC
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