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Who Is the Best Choice for Power of Attorney?

These agents take over your affairs in specific areas, if you become physically or mentally incapacitated.
02/28/22 • by: Grogan Law, PLLC
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How to File Tax Return When Mom Passes Away

No one likes doing taxes, but the task is even more daunting when filing a return for someone who has died.
02/25/22 • by: Grogan Law, PLLC
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What Should I Know about Conservatorships?

Seeking a guardianship for a loved one is a decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. Here's how the process works.
02/24/22 • by: Grogan Law, PLLC
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Do You Have to Go through Probate When Someone Dies?

The law requires probate for a good reason. If a person dies, probate ensures that the property goes to the people who are supposed to inherit it.
02/23/22 • by: Grogan Law, PLLC
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Should I Delay Claiming Social Security?

When you begin claiming affects how much money you get from the program, and once you're receiving checks, it's difficult to undo your decision.
02/22/22 • by: Grogan Law, PLLC
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Does Your Will and Estate Planning Documents Need to Be Updated?

It’s generally recommended that you review your will and other end-of-life documents at least every few years, although there can be reasons to do a checkup more often.
02/21/22 • by: Grogan Law, PLLC
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Will Prince’s Heirs Finally Get Some of His Estate?

The six-year legal battle over pop superstar Prince’s estate has ended, meaning the process of distributing the artist’s wealth could begin next month.
02/18/22 • by: Grogan Law, PLLC
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Can You Keep Your Children from Inheriting Your Money?

I’ve decided I no longer want to leave my estate to my children. They are ungrateful brats. How can I set things up to give my money to charity when I die?
02/17/22 • by: Grogan Law, PLLC
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What are the Most Common Estate Planning Mistakes?

With apologies to poet Robert Burns, the best-laid estate plans of women and men sometimes go awry.
02/16/22 • by: Grogan Law, PLLC
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What Is the HEMS Standard?

The ‘HEMS’ (health, education, maintenance, support) standard in estate planning is used to guide trustees in how/when they should release funds to a beneficiary.
02/15/22 • by: Grogan Law, PLLC
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