How to protect your assets and your family from Texas Probate … All while easing family tensions and preserving all you hold dear.

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Avoid the 5 most common mistakes made when planning your estate

During this training, you will learn…

  • The 5 most common mistakes clients make when trying to plan their estate and how to avoid them
  • How you can gain peace of mind and a sense of security when it comes to estate planning
  • The Secret Weapon that could make all the difference for your family
  • The Old Way of Planning VS. The New Way and why it’s essential for your family’s security to embrace The New Way
  • Why you should help your family avoid probate

And Finally …

  • How you can ease any family tensions and make sure the right plans are in place to protect you, your assets, and most importantly, your family.

Because at the end of the day, my passion has always been helping people and their families have a plan for their future so they can worry about what really matters when it counts…

So register now and watch this short 15-minute training and learn how you can protect all that you hold dear.

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Meet Eric, Attorney at Law

After law school I worked for two firms. First, I worked in the Dallas office of an international firm that focused on defending property-insurance companies. Second, I worked in the Round Rock office of a national law firm focusing on wills and trusts. After the pandemic hit, I decided it was time to combine this experience and put it to use in opening my own law firm.


"Eric spent several hours with us helping to ensure our trust was tailored to our specific needs and all our questions & concerns were addressed satisfactorily. He developed an amazing product for us that covers every contingency and brings us in compliance with current estate law. He was a delight to work with. "

Don W.
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